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This weekend motorsport fans flocked to the TopGear Live show in Melbourne. Held at Melbourne showgrounds, thousands of attendees we treated to the main live show with hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Shane Jacobson as well as plenty of outside side attractions.

Housed inside a large red d dome was 4 racing simulators using Grand Turismo 5, complete with 3D glasses. While 3D typically gets a pretty bad wrap, the lines for a turn were massive all day long.

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The Top Gear tech didn’t stop there, also on display was the latest handheld gadget, the Nintendo 3DS. After getting hands-on with it for the first time, I have to say, I wasn’t at all impressed. A new experience with a new device should be lustworthy, making you feel like you just have to have one, sadly this wasn’t the case with the 3DS. It’s been 15 years since I first played the original Nintendo handheld, the Gameboy and while the technology has improved, it no longer sucks me in.

The 3D wasn’t at all impressive, sure it worked, but you soon get over the initial intrigue of the faked 3rd dimension. Who knows, maybe I’m just too old, the 20-odd devices available to play were packed with kids who all seemed to love it.

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As someone who has watched Top Gear for years, as I’m sure many of you have, it was pretty surreal watch the incredibly successful banter between Clarkson and May unfold live on stage (Hamond was busy on other projects).. oh yeah.. and the cars were pretty sweet as well. And now a chick with flame throwers..


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