Trina Solar launching 430W Vertex S rooftop modules at Energy Next Expo

Trina Solar is a leading brand of solar panels in Australia and they are about to launch a brand new generation of award-winning Vertex S residential rooftop modules at the Energy Next exhibition in Sydney from the 19th-20th of July.

“We are showcasing our latest products at the Energy Next exhibition in Sydney, because as a market leader, we want to demonstrate our support for Australia’s solar industry, and we look forward to meeting with our customers, industry partners and stakeholders at the show

Todd Li, president of Trina Solar Asia Pacific.

The new Vertex S solar panel can increase installation capacity on residential
rooftops by 5-7%. The power of the upgraded version of Vertex S modules has increased by up to 30W compared to previous models. This additional power has been achieved by implementing the latest 210mm rectangular silicon wafer technology and innovative module design.

Trina Solar has on display at the show, exhibition stand F127, three types of residential rooftop Vertex S series of solar modules: Vertex S with back sheet and black frame, Vertex S all black and Vertex S+.

Vertex S, with a back-sheet and black frame, is designed to be an affordable, high-performance module. The Vertex S all-black module is aesthetically outstanding.

The black colour cells with ultra-fine busbars, together with a fine layout of the black frame, back sheet, black label and string busbars, makes Vertex S all black visually appealing for households.

Vertex S+ is a premium n-type double glass module, also ideal for very hot and humid conditions, that comes with an extended 25-year product warranty.

The average system size for Australian households is now more than 8kW whereas in the past households typically installed a 6.6kW system because that is the system size that maximizes government rebates available via the small-scale technology certificates (STC) scheme.

Households here are moving towards larger system sizes. A 6.6kW system is no longer sufficient to meet some households’ energy needs. Households need more energy for electric vehicle charging and for heating and cooling.

With electricity from the grid becoming more expensive, households want to reduce their dependence on the grid completely. This is now the priority for many Australian households rather than maximizing rebates available under the STC scheme.

Todd Li, president of Trina Solar Asia Pacific.

The high power and high efficiency of the Vertex S range of residential rooftop modules significantly reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) while providing a high level of reliability.

Todd says the Vertex S range still has module power of 415W, the ideal output for achieving a 6.6kW system. If households want higher power output per module, they can have maximum power up to 430W per module, he says.

“Trina Solar is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, making us one of the most established companies in the global solar industry. We are Australia’s top-selling solar module brand.

The launch of the new generation Vertex S range of modules, reinforces our market leading position And demonstrates our ongoing commitment of technological innovation to bring more value to our partners and customers in Australia.

Todd Li, president of Trina Solar Asia Pacific.
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