Unboxing the HX Phantom 2.0 Hoverboard, 30km range and up to 16km/hr

When Hoverboards burst onto the scene and quickly became the Christmas gift of choice, the year was 2015 and I never got the chance to try one. Back then hoverboards really in their first implementation and for the most part, designed as a kids toys.

We’re now 5 years on from that and Hoverboards, like electronic scooters, and electric bikes, have evolved into a practical transportation device.

In the video below, unbox the new HX Phantom 2.0 Hoverboard which features dual 350W electric motors, massive 8.5″ wheels, with a range of up to 30km and capable of speeds of up to 16km/hr.

With specs like that, it’s clear, this is not a kids toy and from the second you take it out of the box, you’ll find the weight of the hoverboard, tells you this is built for serious business.

If you like to roll with music, you can connect your phone and play your favourite music through the built-in Bluetooth Speakers. If you’re doing some riding at night, you can even select the colours of the LED in the front and rear of the device, also acting as a safety mechanism for other pedestrians and riders.

After the unboxing, I gave it a try, but you’ll have to wait for a future post to get my first impressions and expect a full review shortly.

More information about the HX Phantom 2.0 Hoverboard at hoverx.com.au

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