US getting 4G Mango Phones (WP7.5) in Q4

Mango Titan
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Ahead of Microsoft’s Build conference, the largest mobile carrier in the US, AT&T have announced a number of Mango-powered Windows Phones. There’s some interesting details to this announcement. First of all, some of these phones will include support for 4G networks.

Australia is yet to have a nation-wide 4G network, however Telstra has announced they will begin widespread availability towards the end of 2011. One the infrastructure is live, consumers and business will need devices that can take advantage of the extra speed.

While there’s currently no Australian details for these Mango devices, it is expected that some variant, possibly under a different name, to reach our shores.

A big question about the Windows Phone 7.5 update has been how it gets deployed to existing devices, something Microsoft promised will happen. After the NoDo update process was such a mess, consumers were hoping Microsoft moved to more of an Apple-style all-at-once rollout. In AT&T’s announcement, there’s this concerning comment..

AT&T will be among the first to offer the Windows Phone Mango update to its leading portfolio of Windows Phones this fall.

So what exactly does ‘amongst the first’ mean ? We’ll wait for official confirmation from MS, but it certainly sounds like it’ll be an update process, batched by regional or carriers. That aside, lets take a look at the announcement of the new WP7.5 phones.

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Samsung Focus S
The Samsung Focus™ S builds on the success of the award-winning and highest selling Windows Phone in the U.S., the Samsung Focus™. Featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.4GHz processor, 4G-capable speeds and a thin profile at 8.55 millimeters. It includes front facing 1.3-megapixel and a rear facing 8-megapixel cameras. The Samsung Focus S will find its way into a lot of pockets this fall.

Debuting as the largest screen in AT&T’s smartphone portfolio at 4.7 inches, HTC TITAN™ fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Watch video from AT&T U-Verse Mobile or play Xbox LIVE® games on the largest screen yet for a Windows Phone. Running a 1.5 GHz processor and an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash, HTC TITAN will feed the senses.

Samsung Focus Flash
Designed to hit the market packed with value, Samsung Focus™ Flash’s 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen will both fit in pockets and be light on pocketbooks with the full power of Windows Phone 7.5 inside. As fast and lightweight as it is compact, it runs a 1.4 GHz processor and a 5-megapixel camera plus front facing camera.

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