Victorian Police will use drones and numberplate scanners to enforce coronavirus lockdown

    Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has confirmed they will deploy technology to enforce Victoria’s new coronavirus lockdowns.

    Speaking to the media earlier, Patton explained that they will deploy the use of drones, and numberplate scanning technology to ensure people are staying where they should be during this next 4 weeks.

    This week Victoria seen a spike in Coronavirus cases that has resulted in 10 postcodes, around 35 suburbs and 300,000 people required to stay at home for the next month.

    Policing these hotspots is not an easy task, with the borders of the postcodes having nothing more than a street, delineating the restricted area. Stopping every vehicle coming in or out of these areas is an impossible logistical task, so the Victoria Police are leveraging randomised stops as a deterrent.

    The automatic number plate recognition installed onto the Victorian Police vehicle Picture: Mark Witte

    With many Police vehicles now fitted with smart, number plate scanning technology, this would enable thousands of vehicles to be checked per day and where the registered owner of the vehicle lives in a postcode that’s been locked down, questions will be asked.

    The deployment of drones is a little more difficult to understand as they can’t scan numberplates, although they could monitor main arterials for larger than expected traffic flows through restricted areas.

    The following postcodes are restricted: 3038, 3064, 3047, 3060, 3012, 3032, 3055, 3042, 3021, 3046.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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    1. Stalin and Mao also didn’t care if their population became impoverished and starved, as long as they did what they are told The risk of a healthy person from Wuhan Flu is almost 0.

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