Watch a 2.05 second Red Bull pit stop in gorgeous slow motion


This new video from Red Bull Racing is titled the ‘Art Of Pit Stop’ and they aren’t kidding. Shot in gorgeous slow motion, this video shows off the pinnacle of team work in pit stop that lasts a fraction over 2 seconds. In an industry where tens of a second make the difference between winning and loosing, the importance being quick in the stop can not be over stated.

Formula 1 is known for it’s cutting-edge technology, with everything from that super expensive carbon fibre body, to the car’s stunning aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase downforce, in this short film, the highlight is the human effort.  

The guys at Red Bull have some seriously nice camera equipment to capture this artful interchange of rattle-guns. It really is only when you see the action at full speed that you can appreciate how much the hours of practice have paid off for the team. If you’re thinking this all looks great in the quiet surrounds of a pit garage, you should know their pit stops in the head of battle at the track, are regularly in the 2 second window.

Sit back, relax, hit the 1080 quality setting and go fullscreen to enjoy this in all it’s glory.

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