Watch Rimac’s amazing 4-episode behind-the-scenes tour of the all-electric engineering

Electric car company Rimac has provided an amazing insight into their company’s operations through a 4-episode YouTube series. The behind-the-scenes tour comes ahead of a major upgrade to the company’s facilities as they scale up operations.

Rarely to we get this kind of access inside any company, but especially a new Automotive maker. We often talk about electric cars being computer on wheels and these videos are a perfect demonstration of that. Most employees sit in front of computers, working on digital models of the hardware components, running simulations, calculation aerodynamics, control systems, battery management programming or actually building the interfaces for the vehicle displays.

Something I found really impressive how much of the vehicle’s components are made internally. This provides ultimate flexibility and control over the production process.

Below are the 4 episodes, each worth watching as they offer a different focus on operations. Hosted by founder Mate Rimac, he walks us through the factory where they’re wrapping production on their first vehicle, the Rimac Concept One. The company is now firmly focused on moving to high-volume production for the C_Two, but thanks to impressive R&D in the electric space are now supplying battery systems to many others.

Rimac is working with Aston Martin on their new hyper car, the Valkyrie. They’re also producing battery systems for the Koenigsegg Regera and Jaguar E‑type Zero concept car among others.

This company rose to international attention by the famous crash of the Rimac Concept S by Top Gear Host Richard Hammond. After that, demand grew considerably and they’ve now expanded to more than 500 employees.

In the fourth and final episode, we get a glimpse of the team working on Rimac’s autonomous driving efforts.

If you’re excited for the future vehicles coming from Rimac, you should know that their latest creation, here’s a video of the all-electric, Rimac C_Two, available in Forza Horizon 4.

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