Watch the laser cut, robot assisted process of creating a bull bar


Protecting yourself and your vehicle in Australia is not just a great idea, it just makes sense with our wildlife. Australian wildlife like Kangaroos and wombats, even horses, cows and sheep, unfortunately make it on to the road. While every vehicle sold in Australia must meet strict safety standards, there is additional protection you can add to your 4WD.

ARB is one of Australia’s leading 4×4 accessories manufacturer and retailer. They’ve produced a video showing how an ARB bull bar is created, taking you end-to-end through the entire manufacturing process. From a flat sheet of steel, through every stage of our state of the art factory in Melbourne, the video details the effort and attention to detail required to build the world’s best 4×4 protection equipment.

The video was shot using the sporting cameras GoPro, which were mounted to the bullbar elements as it moves through the process. It is often forgotten how advanced our manufacturing sector has become and as you’ll see in the behind the scenes video, the creation involves precise laser cutting and robot welding. Of course some components still need humans, at least for now.

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