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Today is the day where a horse race stops the nation, yep, its November and its Melbourne Cup day. This is a tech story today thanks to Channel 7’s decision to live stream through their PLUS7 website and mobile apps. At 3pm, millions of Aussies will gather around TVs to watch the race, but as we continually become a more mobile society, not everyone can be in front of the big screen.

This year will be the first year you can live stream the Melbourne Cup to your mobile and tablets. Just download the free app from the Android or iOS App Store.

The app also serves as the catch-up service for Channel 7, with access to recent episodes of a growing number of shows. For locally produced shows, you’ll find far more episodes than international content. Despite that, it is encouraging to see commercial networks allowing content to be streamed, catching up with ABCNews24 who led the way with lives streaming on almost every platform.

Of course with commercial content, not paid for by tax payers, they need to pay for the content somehow and in the case of PLUS7, that’s pre-roll advertisements on catch-up content. As the live stream is literally the same stream that is pushed to TV, you’ll see all the standard advertising on free to air. Essentially networks like Channel 7 don’t care where you watch, a view is a view to them and making their content available in more places will be the key to winning more eyeballs.

Rest assured there’ll be people at the track streaming the race, while you go for the atmosphere, TV does a far better job at giving you the action up close than your distant vantage point in the cue for another drink.

Grab the app, grab a drink, kick back and relax while you watch the Melbourne Cup from wherever you like, just make sure you have a decent connection.


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