Waterpik Sonic Fusion flossing toothbrush is now available in Australia

    Technology has a way of finding itself into all kinds of products and the latest one we’ve looked at is a new product by Waterpik called Sonic Fusion.

    This combines an electric toothbrush and Flossing into a single device. The Sonic-Fusion (SF-02A010-1) has been out for a while internationally and is now available in Australia.

    The toothbrush is good for 30,000 brush strokes per minute, while the closest competitor is 27,000 pm. Rather than a simple spinning head, the brush uses sonic vibrations for a better clean.

    The head of the toothbrush contains a small nozzle that squirts water to clean between your teeth. The rate at which the water is propelled is controllable, ranging from 10PSI to 100PSI and can be adjusted through a dial on the base.

    Everytime you dock the toothbrush, it not only recharges, but also draws in water from a reservoir. It is advised that you use lukewarm water, as cold water could be a little uncomfortable. It is also suggested you use it over a sink to catch the water spray.

    There may be times where you just want to clean, or times you just want to floss, but the bush has the ability to do both at once, something that is believe to be a world first.

    In creating this product, there were some technical challenges that needed to be overcome. When cleaning your teeth, you want the bristles to contact your teeth, however applying water from the floss head created a barrier that reduced the brushing impact. After a lot of engineering effort, Waterpik was able to overcome this and find the right mix to serve both needs simultaneously.

    Under the current COVID conditions (especially in Victoria), fewer people are going to the Dentist, so Waterpik believes having a great solution at home, that gives you that professional clean feeling, is the next best thing.

    The device also includes a timer in an effort to solve the issue of many people not brushing long enough. Most people think a 30-second brush is enough, however the recommended time is 2 minutes.

    The built-in timer helps you stick to that by breaking up your mouth into quarters. The time alerts you every 30 seconds, letting you know its time to change to the next quarter of your mouth. Finally the Sonic Fusion will prompt you when the 2 minutes is complete.

    Also included is a travel case for the toothbrush, which has space for the 2 included heads. Once we’re able to travel again, the toothbrush would be fine to take on trips without the base station with as much as 2 weeks battery life off the base. Obviously, without the base, you’re not able to use the flossing function, but it would operate as a great toothbrush.

    If you’re someone who needs to, or wants to brush their tongue, then the brush head is shaped in a diamond shape, specifically to assist with this task. The bristles are also soft enough to use on even sensitive gums.

    Price and Availability

    The Waterpik Sonic Fusion is available now for RRP $354.95. You can buy it through the exclusive distributor, The Shaver Shop, both at retail or online.

    You can also pick up a replaceable brush head dual pack – $29.95 and it is expected / advised that brush heads should be replaced every 3 months.

    More information at Waterpik.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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