Where are the voice commands for Kinect Australia ?

Kinect Australia Voice control

If you remember when Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 launched last year, Australian’s missed out on a key feature. Controlling content on your TV by voice commands was the thing of dreams and science fiction. Microsoft said in November that Voice control would come to Australian Kinect’s by ‘early next year.’

Well Microsoft we’re now well into 2011 and there’s still no talk of it. So why was it originally left out ?

“Some methods of communication are straight forward, like hand gestures are the same, but voices are obviously different with accents and slang, not just across different countries, but within those countries. To implement more advanced controls we have to master all of these accents.”

Essentially the reason is our accent. Apparently the voice recognition in Kinect is significantly different to that of Windows 7, because that shipped here just fine. With a set database of terms the user can say, correlating to on-screen options, you’d think the process of Australian’ising it would be relatively straight forward.

Hopefully it arrives soon, it is arguably one of Kinect’s most unique and futuristic features.

More info @ Kotaku

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