While adding a dark theme, Microsoft broke light theme for Windows Explorer

The latest build of Windows 10 for the Windows Insider has been released and it features a dark mode for Windows Explorer for the first time. For those who love the Dark theme, more native apps supporting that dark background, light text theme is a good thing. Generally I prefer the dark theme over the light, but am not a fan of the dark Windows Explorer. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t include a switch to have a dark theme, but light Windows Explorer, like they do in many other apps, like Photos for example.

So actually hating the dark Windows Explorer so much, I was willing to give up the dark theme all together and move to the default Light theme to have my trusty Windows Explorer return to normal. Here’s the problem. Microsoft borke the Light theme of Windows Explorer. If you have the titlebar colour set to a dark colour, the ribbon in Windows Explorer becomes a grey, washed out mess where you icons and labels are illegible. This is fixed if you select a lighter theme colour, lets say a yellow or a blue, but those colours are terrible, I want things like the Start Menu and Taskbar to be dark, but want the option to maintain Windows Explorer as it was.

This is a big problem, one Microsoft needs to fix immediately. Windows Explorer isn’t an optional app, its fundamental to using Windows and something often open the entire time I use the computer. My theme options are now a decisions between two bad options.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwrighthttp://techau.com.au/author/jason/
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