World Backup Day is this Sunday

    World Backup Day

    While it may be Easter this Sunday and you’ll be hyped up on chocolate, there is another important celebration this weekend. Sunday 31st of March is also World Backup Day. The idea is to promote the need to ensure your personal data is safe across all of your devices especially your smartphone.

    Below are some interesting statistics around the average smartphone. As someone who has taken their phone for a swim before, I know far to well how important it is to have your devices backed up.

    • 193.31 contacts
    • 55.97 calendar items
    • 122.81 call records
    • 313.64 text messages
    • 132.65 photos
    • 2.53 videos
    • 22.91 songs

    Every year in Australia over 200,000 mobiles are lost or stolen, so there is an urgency to backup your data on your phone.

    What’s the solution…

    Use an online backup plan that provides storage space that you can access over the Internet, aka ‘the cloud’. This allows you to have 24/7 access to your data from any web-enabled device. iOS devices have iCloud, Windows Phone devices have SkyDrive that allow for some content to be backed up automatically.

    However if you use a cloud based plan such as Trend Micro’s SafeSync, it keeps your files automatically backed up, secure and synchronized. It protects your digital files at home and work on up to three devices. They’ve put together a nice infographic to represent just how big the problem is and why Easter shouldn’t be the only think on your mind this Sunday.


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