WP7 NoDo unlocked to show off copy and paste

WP7 NoDoWP7 NoDo

The long awaited first update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS codenamed ‘NoDo’ has been unlocked. Recently seeded to developers, it was bound to happen and unsurprisingly didn’t take long. The Windows Phone 7 NoDo image (122MB) can now be downloaded from WindowsPhoneHacker.

Once loaded into the WP7 development tools, you can use the simulator to check out Copy and Paste. While its easy enough to get by without copy and paste on a device, once you have it, there’s certainly times it comes in very handy. The WP7 Nodo update does contain some other features like full backup, but copy and paste is certainly the most widely publicised. One great thing about Microsoft’s implementation is that its built at an OS level, meaning that application developers don’t need to do a thing for their app to support it.

If you want to skip on trying it out for yourself, watch the video below.

More information @ WMPoweuser

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