WP7 NoDo update a bloody mess


Windows Phone 7 users are outraged after waiting for the NoDo update, only to now discover carriers the world over are blocking the update. If you need evidence of this, just check out the conversation on twitter #NoDo. The issue stems from the announcement yesterday that the NoDo update to WP7 had begun shipping. While Microsoft detailed the update would be rolled out, with the power of the internet we can actually see if users are receiving it.

More than 24 hours on, it seems that almost no WP7 users outside the US are getting it. So what’s the hold up ? Turns out while Apple’s updates travel directly from iTunes to the consumers with NO carrier intervention, WP7 updates can and are being blocked by carriers. Apparently ‘Testing’ needs to take place to make sure the update doesn’t break their network.

In a post-iPhone world, its incredibly difficult to understand how Microsoft could have fallen into this trap of having carriers dramatically impact end-user experience for the negative. If there was anything Microsoft should have copied from Apple, it was their update system that allows users to update their devices as soon as an update is released. My Jobs, please commence laughing.

Microsoft have detailed the current status of WP7 NoDo rollouts per country and carrier, attempting to shift blame to the carriers. While it may indeed be the likes of Telstra and Optus that are preventing us from getting NoDo, Microsoft should also accept responsibility for allowing this to happen.

With the relaunch of Windows Mobile as WP7, Microsoft had an amazing opportunity to set the rules and they did, sometimes. Minimum hardware specs and no custom UI skins being two great examples of this. However with the mess that now is the WP7 update system, I can no longer WP7 to people.


If your looking to commence crying check out the full detail over at the Windows Phone blog.

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