You can watch Twine live test battery life now


Twine is one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, originally asking for $35,000 they managed to raise more than half a million dollars from almost 4,000 backers. For those unfamiliar with Twine, it’s a small connected device designed to be “The simplest way to connect stuff to the internet”.

In the original Kickstarter video, they claimed that Twine would run for months, well the team at Supermechanical are now putting that to the test. The power consumption test is being run at an 45 times normal speed which avoids the need to wait months in real-time to discover the result. There may be some differences in the simulated test and real world figures after it ships, but this is a fairly effective strategy.

It makes sense that a brand new internet connected device shows off its wares publically in a demonstration like this, giving us an insight to the development process that normally takes place behind closed doors. We are entering a brand new era of transparency in the development of products, not only on the funding side, but test, development and customer feedback.

Currently the simulation running on 2 new AAA batteries has passed 53 days, 6 hours. Leave a comment with your guess of how long it will last.

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