YouTube Creators can now automate channel memberships using IFTTT

    Many of your favourite YouTube creators often promote Patreon as a way to trade exclusive content for revenue and more directly communicate with subscribers. YouTube is responding to this off-platform interaction by adding support for IFTTT.

    Using IFTTT and YouTube Channel Memberships integration allows creators to collect information about paid members, help to stay organized and automate content distribution and connect with members like never before.

    Getting the information that helps you connect with members via a custom form, and exporting an up-to-date list of your members makes it easier than ever to engage your members!

    Check out this video to get started and learn more about the latest YouTube and IFTTT connections.

    Creators can develop custom forms or surveys to get information from members. These can help learn more about what subscribers want to see on your channel or help to facilitate giveaways, like having them provide details required to send exclusive members-only content and do things like capturing their T-Shirt sizes.

    Download member list in real time

    Get your member list in a csv document at any time by using this easy automation. Use the steps below to make it happen.

    What else can IFTTT and YouTube do together?

    With ten triggers and access to over 700+ other brands, services, and devices, you can automate many of the things you do to as a Creator. Send out personalized thank you tweets or Discord messages to new members, or automatically share your latest video across your social channels.

    Is it better than Patreon?

    While YouTube has a Membership platform that allows users to join a Channel and support it with monthly payments, this integration to IFTTT and the automation available, it still lacks the simplicity of posting different types of content and rewards that Patreon offers.

    While this level of configuration is powerful, it does come with complexity and cost, given IFTTT restricts the number of integration you can use before requiring a paid account. Given this, I’m not sure all creators are going to see this as a better solution than the setup they currently have.

    More information at IFTTT.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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