Zensorium Being takes fitness wearables to the next logical step


Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen, and it’s incredibly hard to stand out, especially somewhere like CES. The company Zensorium showed off a new product, Being, which is a product and service with a difference. They take the data created from monitoring your activity and turn it into useful recommendations about how you can change your life to make it better. If you learn from a sleep tracker that you got 2 hours of deep sleep and wake up feeling terrible, that’s nice to know, but not particularly useful.

Being will suggest changes to your routine like when and how you should workout or do yoga, drink less coffee or other helpful tips that leading to better sleep. This is really the natural extension of fitness trackers collecting the data, being able to behavioral chances that make life better. This takes data and makes it meaningful and important and certainly something worth paying for.


Being also claims to be the only wearable that continuously tracks your mood, heart rate, activity and provides sleep insights. Mood analysis is an interesting prospect, especially when it’s really your brain that determines that, not your wrist. If you’re angry or upset, you’ll know that and don’t need a device to tell you that. What it does offer is monitoring over time and recognizes patterns in your moods (hopefully more than just Monday morning sucks and Friday at 5pm is amazing. This data is obtained through creative monitoring of vital signs. These are the beginnings of what Microsoft’s Band promises for the future, but these guys are delivering it now in 2015.

The Being features:

  • USB Magnetic Charging Dock
  • Tri-axis Accelerometer
  • Optical Sensor
  • Wireless via Bluetooth 4.0 BL
  • Waterproof up to 3M


In terms of what’s tracked, there’s an impressive list, far more than what’s suggested by a wearable that tracks your mood.

  • Clock: Multple Watch Faces
  • Daily: Steps, Calories Burnt, Hourly Heart Rate
  • Activity: Continuous Heart Rate, Distance, Calories Burnt
  • Mood: Continuous Mood Map, Average Heart Rate
  • Relax: Bio-Feedback Training, Highest Heart Rate, Lowest Heart Rate
  • Sleep: Sleep Efficiency, REM, NREM, Hours Sleep


The Being is available for pre-order now through the company’s website. Available in Gold or Stealth, the wearable will cost US$199.00 at launch or US$169.15 (15% off) if you get in early. It’s expected to ship in April 2015.


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