Apple iMac updated, now 80% thinner

Apple iMac

There’s a brand new that’s just 5mm thin, that means Apple’s all-in-one is now 80% thinner. The 27” version still runs 2560×1440 which means Retina didn’t make it to the larger display, likely for cost reasons. It’s also 3.62 kg lighter, which means if you ditch the stand, you could hang it on your wall.

Apple announced a new Fusion drive, an internal drive that contains 2 drives in RAID that includes one SSD and one HHD essentially this is hybrid drive split into two drives in one case. The theory here is that it brings the best of both worlds.

One of the ways that Apple achieved the dramatic reduction in depth is to ditch the optical drive and CEO Tim Cook says, “If you’re stuck in the past” there will be an external SuperDrive available. The new iMac isn’t available until next month and will land at the same price as the current model.


The page for the new iMac is now live on Apple’s site –

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