Apple WWDC: Jobs talking MacOS Lion, iOS5 and explain iCloud


As if there wasn’t enough going on already, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage at the Moscone West Centre in San Francisco tomorrow for WWDC. On this year’s agenda is a preview of Mac OS X Lion, iOS5, explain just what the hell iCloud is and maybe a look at iPhone 5. It’d be great to get some firm release dates for iPhone5, but this is Apple, so nothing is assured.

Speculation online suggests that Apple have all 4 major music studios on-board to launch a subscription service. While this may have been on the roadmap anyway, there’s little doubt Amazon and Google’s half-baked offerings have sped things up. What I’d like to see is Apple exert it international penetration and launch their subscription service around the globe. This would highlight Microsoft’s inability to get the deals done with what is a fantastic service – Zune. Competition is a wonderful thing, with the winner being consumers.


The action starts tomorrow at 3AM AEST, for the first time, Engadget will have an official live stream. As with the E3 event, all the action will be discussed intently on twitter. If you miss it live, be sure to check techAU tomorrow morning for a summary of the mind bending action from Mr Jobs.

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