Aussie robots helping transform agriculture internationally

    Australian Engineers are leveraging robots to help the developing world. Agriculture is critical in all parts of the globe, but in those markets where the economic situation demands efficiency, automation is critical in delivering the best food with the least resources. The Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) and The University of Sydney have embarked on research and development project that uses autonomous and intelligent robots in both indoor and outdoor environments.

    Late last year, the team conducted a series of field trials in Indonesia with the Di-Wheel robot. The two-wheeled robot drives itself over the rows of vegetables, capturing images of the crops with on-board cameras. From this it can be determined if additional nutrients are required to maximise yields or if pests are detected, to apply the appropriate treatment to minimise losses.

    The track width can be adjusted to suit different crop widths, which is possible thanks to the module design of the system.

    Check out the video of the Indonesia trip, where the di-wheel robot proves to be worth its weight in gold.

    The project has also created other robots, including this 4 wheel off-road robot that is capable of towing a trailer. While the celebrities we think of today are movie and music stars, its engineers that really should be looked to as the actual geniuses. These developments and innovations have the ability to change the lives of millions and feed a rapidly growing global population.

    Nice work guys, keep up the grat work.

    Via Engineers Australia.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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