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Trolling the internets tonight I discovered that iiNet’s TopGeek 2.0 competition is now open for entries. The TopGeek competition that offers an all expenses paid trip overseas is on again. Those of you who are long-time readers of techAU will remember that last year I was actually a finalist in the first TopGeek. Finishing 4th at the final in Perth, it was a lot of hard work, but an awesome experience and thoroughly recommend you throw your hat in the ring this time round.

How it works
The iiNet TopGeek 2.0 competition will see contestants show off their unique talents in one of five geeky categories. They’ll work their way through three knockout challenges before battling it out an epic final event. The last geek standing will be crowned Australia’s next TopGeek.

While the first batch of entries is likely to be in the thousands, Australia’s geeks will be whittled down over a few months by competing in challenges. The Top 5 finalists will once again head to Perth (iiNet HQ) for the final live event in a battle to the virtual death to crown this year’s ultimate TopGeek.

What’s new?
This year the competition gets a lot more exciting with recognition that geeks come in all varieties. Multiple categories are in the running this year, including art, tech, fandom, gamer and internet. So whatever your enthusiastic passion, you have a shot to be the next TopGeek.

TopGeek 2.0 Mural

The TopGeek 2.0 website also features a mural of geeks from around the country enjoying their technology. While you’re there, see how many of last years ‘talented’ light-saber-wielding finalists you can find.

Stay tuned.. this isn’t officially announced yet.

Enter Now
To be in the running it’s pretty easy, just create a 90 second video outlining your particular style of geek and the reason why you deserve to be iiNet’s TopGeek.

You have 26 days and counting to get your entries in, so put that techAU addiction on-hold and get submitting over at

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