Clipsal launches new Iconic Essence range for versatile Aussie homes

Today Clipsal launched a new range of electrical products. The new Iconic Essence range enables customers to safely and easily change the style and colour of a switch’s exterior look.

This new product line was actually developed at the Innovation Lab for the iconic Australian brand.

The South Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment David Ridgway MLC, visited the Clipsal Innovation Lab in Adelaide’s Gepps Cross today for the launch of the range.

“Clipsal by Schneider Electric has a rich history in South Australia of innovative design and product development. The products we design and produce here end up in 80 per cent of Australian homes and deliver more stylish, safer, and comfortable living environments.”

Gareth O’Reilly, Zone President and Managing Director, Pacific, at Schneider Electric

“Our new Iconic range has been designed in our Lab at Gepps Cross, following a significant investment in design, research and development. Our teams engaged with 2,500 customers during the design process so that our products could truly deliver what customers want and future-proof Australian homes with the best and most stylish electrical accessories.”

The Innovation Lab’s team had 36 design engineers spending more than 76,000 hours on research and development to produce 405 new products with 18 new patents ensuring the famous, 99-year-old Clipsal brand continues to lead the way for producing electrical accessories.

As part of the launch the Minister toured the Clipsal Innovation Lab and Schneider Electric Smart Factory at Gepps Cross and commended the company’s commitment to research and development which is delivering exciting career opportunities in design and engineering.

It’s pleasing to see Schneider Electric expand its product base in South Australia and ensure the famous Clipsal brand continues to have a strong presence in our state.

The Gepps Cross facility is extremely impressive and is a great example of South Australia’s transition to modern, advanced manufacturing techniques.

Mr Ridgway.

Schneider Electrics director of industrial design Xavier Lifran said he was pleased to be highlighting for the Minister, the creative process behind his multi-year design project of bringing the Iconic range of electrical accessories to market.

“We spent a considerable time in studying customer behaviours by creating a mobile home with different prototypes. 2,500 customers provided us with data, information and feedback. We got to understand how many accessories people need powered in their kitchen and lounge room, and what lighting they want at different times of the day.

I then looked for that creative spark to inspire the look and feel that would be uniquely Australian. My wife’s love of surfing on the beaches near Adelaide led me to vintage wooden surfboards and they have played a major inspirational role in the look and feel of the Iconic Essence range.

Schneider Electrics director of industrial design Xavier Lifran

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