Goodbye Google Reader, hello Digg Reader


In 2 days, Google Reader will be turned off forever. Apparently those servers are really expensive and Google is poor, so it must go. Since the announcement, users have been searching for alternatives and I’ve tried them all. My favourite Google Reader replacement has to be Digg Reader. It has all the features I need with a clean and simple UI.

Right now it’s invite-only, but after entering my email address, only a couple of days later I received the email invite so I don’t think they’re limiting it too much. After you get access you’ll get asked to sign in with your Google Reader account and after a few minutes all your feeds are imported. Naturally you can select individual feeds, to read but the real benefit of this is to read all the latest news from your favourite sites in a consistent UI and single stream.

You can infinite scroll down the list of new articles which get read automatically, or my favourite, use keyboard shortcuts (same as Google Reader), J to go next, K to go back, R to refresh and more. Of course you can share articles out to social, while also digging and saving articles. It’s not immediately clear how this benefits Digg, with no ads currently in the web app.

Check it out and let me know what you think –

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