Hume Bank signs with DocuSign, customers can now sign loans anywhere, anytime

Albury Wodonga-based Hume Bank has announced they have selected digital signature platform DocuSign, allowing customers to sign mortgage documents from anywhere and on any device.

Moving away from physical signatures at any time is a great idea to avoid unnecessary printing and reduce turnaround times, but during Coronavirus, it’s just smart business.

When customers apply for new loans, there’s a series of documents that require signatures and that can now be done through DocuSign on the web, or mobile device.

Hume Bank Chief Sales Officer Carly Brown said that this is another example of Hume Bank’s commitment to giving our customers choice and improving their experience.

“By allowing customers to digitally sign their loan documents, we are making the home loan process simpler, easier and more convenient.

We have removed the delays that can come with requiring a physical signature and its more important than ever now for customers to be able to process their home loans through a digital transaction and not have to physically sign documents in a branch or with a mobile lender if they so desire.

We are continually investing in smart technology to streamline the home loan process and support the ever changing needs of our customers”.

Hume Bank Chief Sales Officer Carly Brown

As someone who’s been through the previous process, I can confirm physically signing loan documents is inefficient and had DocuSign been an option 3 years ago, I would have loved to use it.

Given most home loans require 2 people to afford it, you’ll often need multiple signatories on documents. Thankfully DocuSign can support that so this won’t be an issue. The whole process is quick, easy and simple and is exactly the kind of change that will stick around long after COVID19 is behind us.

DocuSign is used by millions of people in over 180 countries worldwide, making the most available and secure was to sign documents online.

The adoption of this technology reaffirms Hume Bank’s commitment to a customer-first approach and offering more choice when they need it.

You can find out more from Hume’s FAQ page.

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  1. Tried docusign. By the end of the screwing around showing people how to sign documents and also the extra cost, it was cheaper to dump it and just get people to scan pdfs. A couple of lessons. 1 A proprietary format should not be the solution, it just locks in extra costs to the everyday person and society. 2. Really the signature is close to the least important part if you really think about it. I mean how many people try to get out of anything by saying it isn’t them who signed?

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