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Competition 1
After dedication 25+ hours into the Upgradable TV concept for competition 1, I was over-the-moon to discover the judges had ranked my entry #1 in round 1. Founder and managing director of Internode, Simon Hackett even said “I’d probably buy one! It might actually stop people throwing out their old TVs to get new ones.”

The competition has been great for exposure, reaching Revision3’s, Gizmodo Australia, a page 3 article in the Border Mail and now a Wednesday morning radio gig talking tech. I really do commend iiNet for running a competition like this to showcase amazing people who are passionate about technology.

So now with round 1 over, we’re now down to the top 15, this brings us to the next round in which 5 more will say goodbye. Below is what’s required for this round.. the skinny is – a lot more hard work. Let me tell you, the competition is fierce !

Competition 2
Prepare a basic premise for a new TV Show or Film. What will be the defining characteristic of your script?
– a love tryst between a human, a vampire and Dannie Glover
– an expected unexpected expected twist
– a fresh look at a well established genre
– an interesting combination of a few classics

Your submission needs to include:
– A story outline, as much as needed to convey your idea AND
– Preferably, a video acting out a typical or key scene from the script OR
– If you can’t do a video a storyboard, an animation or comic of the same ilk will suffice.

Judging criteria:
– Judges will award humour, originality and any clear effort put in.
– Flashy editing won’t trump originality, creativity and effort but it couldn’t hurt.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 2nd March

More information at

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Jason Cartwright
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