Introducing my new startup – Constructiv

Constructiv is a brand new Australian startup designed to be the central source for constructive criticism and feedback about products. We all own and love our gadgets, but would love the next version to improve by adding new features.


Far too many of us spend time crafting our thoughts about a particular product, posting blogs, forums and comments, only to have them forgotten. Constructiv is a place where you can identify issues with a product and actually have companies pay attention to it. Armed with this information, the next iteration of a product may well have a feature based on your input!

Imagine having a single source for amazing feedback about your products. With passionate consumers identifying exactly what they’d like to see in the next version. A voting system will allow the community to surface the most popular suggestions. As a verified business, you’ll be able to control your products dashboard and get in touch with those users that suggest ideas you include. Businesses could choose to reward Constructors in many ways, financially, first product, employment etc. Ultimately its going to be really hard to ignore thousands of consumers saying that ‘if you do x, then we will buy your product’.

Constructiv aim to benefit everyone, those product fans will have a direct route to the companies the brands they love. While we won’t enforce a direct reward for constructs that are picked up and implemented by companies, its certainly suggested. Whether its the first of the new products off the production line, a financial thankyou or even a job prospect, we think the business / constructor relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Initial design
Below is an initial concept design video, lots will change, but it should be enough information to explain the idea to a developer and get started.

Constructiv Explained
The video below explains what Constructiv is, the problem it solves, why its interesting to both consumers and business and also how the startup will be run.

Support the project
I’ve also setup a campaign on Pledgie, so if you like the idea of Constructiv and want to support it, please go there now and donate. Thanks to David Rossi for being the first person to contribute to the project.

More information @
Stay up to date by following @ConstructivCo

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