iPhone 5C pre-orders are now live


    Apple fans can now pre-order the iPhone 5C, but strangely the iPhone 5S is not available. If the colourful versions of the iPhone get you excited like a game of connect4, or a pair of crocs, then you can order a cover as well. The cover design features holes in the back which bizarrely allow the letters ‘non’ to show through. Of course this is an obscured part of the famous iPhone stamped on the back of every iPhone. A better design would have allowed the Apple icon to be featured in one of the circular cut outs.

    Instead of being able to change the colour of your phone by snapping off the back cover, Apple forces you to choose a colour, then layer a case on top of that. The combinations can be complimentary, but you’ll need to be very careful when choosing your colours. Patriotic Aussies will choose a yellow/green or green/yellow combo.

    While the screen shots show you can compliment your colour choice with a matching wallpaper gradient, it’s likely your phone will ship with the default iOS7 wallpaper and you’ll need to set this yourself.

    The iPhone 5C is available outright for A$ 739 for the 16GB model and $869 for the 32GB model. If you pre-order now, the current delivery window is the 20th of September. This has a nasty habbit of changing as demand increases, so if you really want one, then I’d suggest pre-ordering fast.

    Apple have a dubious disclaimer at the bottom of the pre-order page – ‘An unlocked iPhone 5c may not support LTE networks in all other countries; contact service providers for details.’ let’s hope Australia isn’t one of those countries.

    Pre order now at

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