LIFX Kickstarter delayed again, now mid-July at best


LIFX, the smart phone controlled LED light from Kickstarter has unfortunately been delayed again. In the latest update from the LIFX team, they have confirmed they have returned from another visit to the manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China with bad news.

The revised date for the initial 500 is now June 14th and considering certification takes three weeks, all going well we should be in a position by July 8th to push ‘go’ on the main run and starting rolling shipping as the bulbs come off the line.

This means best case scenario the first batch begin production on July 8th, assuming the production run take a few days, then QA checks and shipping, expect it to be at least mid-July before backers get one.

They say the delay isn’t down to any single factor, but a combination of many little things (e.g. minor component swap outs, power supply performance tweaks, correcting texture samples, serial number printing, end of line test gear, etc). Whatever the cause, it means the project is well behind schedule.

November 15, 2012 was when the Kickstarter was successfully funded.

More information on the latest update here.

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