Look out, ScoMo is on Snapchat, Aussie PM gets down with the youths

Scott Morrison, Australia’s Prime Minister just joined Snapchat. Ahead of a federal election, I have no doubt the decision to join and then recruit new followers by using his existing social platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), was on the advice from a media advisor that it’s good for his re-election campaign, rather than his own want to be on Snap.

Regardless of the reason, the PM of Australia is now on Snapchat and if you want to see how cool and hip he is, then scan the code below and add him as a friend, or just search for the username – scottmorrisonpm.

Naturally I had to try it out and the first post is a pitch from ScoMo to watch the Budget tomorrow night. Yep, unsurprisingly a marketing message, but hey it looks all unprofessional with a front facing camera shot from an unflattering angle (no filter yet, maybe next time ScoMo).

That media advisor should probably have suggested he share a behind the scenes look at what’s in the top drawer of the office desk, or what his Uber rating is, something personal for a few times before slipping in the promo message.

Let’s really hope that someone helped him through the permission dialogs when installing Snap to make sure the location tracking is turned off (Ghost mode).

It’ll be fun to watch if Snapchat plays any kind of meaningful role in this year’s federal election. I suspect this close to an election, it’s unlikely to sway voters at all, most have chosen their political camps and the awkward part of it all, we get a single vote, while there are many, many issues and policies to vote on.

Bring on electronic voting.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwrighthttp://techau.com.au/author/jason/
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