The next version of macOS is macOS High Sierra

Apple have just announced the name for the next version of macOS. It’ll be called, macOS High Sierra. In the new version of the OS, Apple are adding Autoplay blocking to Safari. They’re also adding intelligent tracking that lets you control the data.

The Mail app will no use some kind of magic AI, no detail was given, to ensure the email you want is always at the top of your inbox. We’re going to need more information here. People have great email workflows setup and changing this is an area that could be a cause of concern. There’s also a new full-screen split view mode.. look familiar?

Photos – Like Google and Microsoft’s Photos apps, Apple will now use Machine Learning with neural nets that have been trained on image recognition to automatically identify and tag your photos, so you don’t have to.

Apple File System – Apple are introducing a new file system in macOS High Sierra. Apple says this also supports h.265 support with hardware acceleration (on newest macs).

VR – Apple are now supporting the development of VR on mac. Final Cut Pro will add support to edit 360 spherical video and developers will be happy to know Steam VR, Unity and Unreal engines will also be coming to the mac.

macOS High Sierra is available today (in beta) for developers and will be available for a public beta soon.

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