McLaren launches their Genesis NFT Collection, starting at 0.5ETH

McLaren’s has announced their Special Opeations team are creating created an NFT Collection, centered around their amazing Supercars.

The Genesis Collection is an ultra-limited, exclusive, invitation-only NFT mint celebrating one of McLaren’s most desirable cars – the McLaren P1.

A decade on from its world premiere, the McLaren P1 remains a true icon of performance. As the world’s first hybrid supercar, the P1 marked the genesis of a new automotive era. It is now pushing through another boundary to become the first manifestation of McLaren Automotive to enter the metaverse.

The collection will feature 2,012 generatively created NFTs of the McLaren P1 and P1 GTR supercars that live on the Ethereum blockchain. If you’re wondering how they arrived at 2012 as the number of NFTs in the collection, that goes back to the year the McLaren P1 was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show.

Holders of Genesis Collection NFTs will gain Category One membership to an MSO LAB community that will push the boundaries of access and experience.

The NFTs will each feature different combinations of body colour, paint finish, race liveries and more.

There will be 5 tiers of the Genesis Collection NFTs features a special treatment from MSO LAB:

  • LAB Studio (1,000 pieces)
  • LAB Studio+ (893 pieces)
  • LAB Works (100 pieces)
  • LAB Icons (5 pieces)
  • LAB Honorary (14 pieces that will be gifted to honorary members of the MSO LAB community).

The Genesis Collection will be offered from May 11th @ 11PM. Each McLaren NFT will be priced at 0.5ETH or around A$2,024.13.

Personally, I’d love to see McLaren extend their NFT benefits to include tickets to Formula 1 races, even a grid walk or garage tour would be sensational.. now how much would you pay?.

For more information, head to NFT.McLaren and join their Discord.

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