MG’s refreshed ZS EV also sold out. Australia needs to secure more units

MG has sold out of its latest batch of orders for the new ZS EV model before the car has officially gone on sale. The batch was only 500 units, but that represents the significant challenge Australia faces in securing large volumes of EVs, as the world demand for EVs accelerates.

Back in March last year, I reviewed the first MG ZS EV, which at the time was Australia’s cheapest EV. Thankfully they have addressed a number of the issues identified (charge port door for example) and the refresh is a much better car.

Unfortunately, those improvements and perhaps a little tweak to the pricing based on demand, means the ZS EV is about to be supplanted as the cheapest EV in Australia. This title will soon be held by the Atto 3 from BYD.

Despite this change, the car still offers impressive value, with a choice of 2 variants, the Excite from $46,990 driveaway and the Essence from $49,990 driveaway, with up to 320km of range from the 50.3kWh LFP (lithium-iron phosphate) battery, a 10.1″ touchscreen and 7-year warranty.

More and more people want to switch over to EV and MG Motor Australia is helping people to make that leap with the evolution of the ZS EV which has already been strongly embraced by customers,

MG Motor Australia and New Zealand CEO Peter Ciao.

Under the recent presale offer, the first 500 customers who placed a deposit were eligible for a $500 discount toward their MG ChargeHub.

The new ZS EV will also debut its ‘iSmart’ smartphone app for remote functionality like monitoring the charge status, preconditioning the cabin’s climate control, locating the vehicle and more.

For those who had their eyes on the MG ZS EV, pre-ordering remains open, but this needs to be done at your nearest dealer, not online as most modern EV sales are occurring. You will unfortunately no longer be eligible for the $500 rebate on a MG ChargeHub.

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