No new Apple TV, just a price drop to US$69


At Apple’s March event this morning, Apple announced a new price for their Apple TV. The device is the easiest way for Apple users to get their content to the big screen. The Apple TV has had some small internal updates over the years, but has remain unchanged in form factor and ability for years now.

While some anticipated a refresh, it seems Apple is comfortable with this aging hardware. The bigger problem is the software, the interface is a grid of icons, while the competition has live, rich thumbnails with information. It works sure, if you don’t look at anything else that’s happening in the industry. The Apple TV is well overdue for a serious overhaul and it’s disappointing to see Apple run out of ideas here and simply drop the price.

Apple announced an exclusive partnership with the new US-only HBO NOW streaming service. If you’re an Australian fan of HBO, the makers of hits like Game of Thrones, then you’ll likely be firing up a VPN to hand over US$14.99 per month. Subscribers will get the first month free if you signup from the Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

The new price of the Apple TV is US$69, down from US$99. One of the biggest competitors  is  It’s a remote screen for recent OSX that works like the much cheaper Chromecast, but Apple TV does far more. It is a standalone device, while you can stream your desktop to the big screen, the device offers users the ability to access online content from the simple remote control. The remote is terrible if you need to enter text into a field, so for that, you’ll want a connected iPhone or iPad running the remote app. 

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