OSX Mavericks should have been like this


    Apple have released the OSX Mavericks GM build to developers, this means its done, finished and ready for the mainstream. Next week, Apple will hold an iPad event and is also expected to release OSX Mavericks at the same time. If you’ve seen any coverage of Mavericks since Apple announced it, you’ll know that while there’s some decent changes, the UI has not been overhauled. Apple are missing an opportunity here, to unify the desktop and mobile experiences and match the desktop with iOS7, after they recently rolled it out to their biggest user base.

    Graphic Designer VITALI ZAKHAROFF from Estonia has published his concept designs for a family of Apple devices running the same UI across desktop, laptop, tablet and phone screen sizes. You can see his designs over at It’s a well thought out, well designed, system-wide refresh that would work fantastic to bring the experiences together. Some argue that the desktop and mobile experiences are significantly different and should be keep separated. To those people I say, you are wrong.

    We’re not talking about feature parity here, far from it, but having familiar experiences between the old and new worlds of computing will increase ease of use, decrease training and make it an overall better experience for mainstream users.


    via TheNextWeb

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