PancakeBot is a 3D pancake maker, now on Kickstarter


    Over the years we’ve seen plenty of 3D printers come and go through Kickstarter. The latest is PancakeBot, a 3D printer that does one, thing, prints pancakes. In development since 2013, the PancakeBot has gone through a few iterations, with the early models built from lego. After partnering with StoreBound, the latest 3D food printer has been refined and is ready for backers to support.

    The makers of PancakeBot say its perfect for trade shows, cafes, restaurants, breakfast buffets, parties and anywhere else you want your customers to remember you. Anyone can make pancakes, but ones in the shape of your company logo, is something brand new.

    The PancakeBot uses a patent pending batter dispensing system to “print” the batter onto the included griddle. By using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum, the PancakeBot controls where the batter is dispensed. Onboard controls let you fine tune the dispensing of the batter as it glides over the griddle.

    Included is user-friendly software that allows you to design your own pancake by tracing any image right on your computer.  From your favorite piece of art or character, a child’s drawing, a product image or your company or team logo, the software creates the file and the PancakeBot does the rest.

    Step 1 is to add batter to the printer, step 2 is to load and SD card into it with your designs, step 3 is to stand back and watch it happen.

    In terms of support, the cheapest tiers for early birds have all gone, these started at $149 for the first 100. The next 200 were sold for a pledge of $169. If you want in on the Kickstarter, you’ll be up for $179 which is a decent discount on the RRP of $299 for the PancakeBot.

    PancakeBot has already doubled it’s goal of $50,000 with 614 backers pledging $107,526 at the time of writing. It is expected the project will ship in July 2015.

    More information at Kickstarter


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