Porsche Australia launches NFTs to celebrate 70th anniversary

    Road Trip I is part of an exclusive NFT series containing 3 photographs that celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche in Australia. In collaboration with Porsche Cars Australia, artist Nigel Sense, photographer Derek Swalwell and music composer Gene Shill have transformed an all-electric Taycan Turbo into a multimedia artwork experience.

    This Taycan Turbo has undergone a major transformation with a crazy livery (that even extends to the rims) that is designed to be a representation of travellers’ tales, a vastness punctuated by movement that accesses the masks of common humanity.

    The car was then captured in 3 distinct photographs that highlight the contrast while finding commonality with the Taycan in the environmentally conscious architecture.

    This project celebrates the unique Porsche design DNA of the Taycan in the year of the 70th birthday of Porsche in Australia and embarks on a digital journey that also represents the beginning of a new era. For the NFT-charity-auction, Porsche Cars Australia is joined by an experienced partner who is established in the field of digital art. is a company in the Porsche Digital Startup portfolio and has specialized knowledge in the field of NFTs. The successful auction bidder of each of the multimedia photographs receives the digital artwork as an NFT and thus the proof of authenticity.

    The starting bid for the auction, scheduled to take place in 5 days time, is 2 ETH. With Ethereum’s current price of 6,040.35 Australian Dollars, that means you’ll be up for at least A$12,080.70 if you want to secure this collection.

    The net auction proceeds will be donated to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), which plays an inspirational and critical role in investing in the artistic and wider communities, leading the cultural conversation and setting the agenda for contemporary art.

    More information at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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