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Tomorrow is ride to work day so we prepared some bike-tech information to enhance your cycling adventures. Just like car-tech, technology is making real impact in this transportation method. While fitness fans are likely aware of the array of mobile applications to track your running, you may not be aware there are plenty of options for those on 2 wheels.

Motion X GPS
This app is great for cycling, hiking, running, paddle boarding, sailing, rowing, skiing, snowboarding, flying, geocaching. It not only tracks your routes, but the altitude you encounter which impacts your travels. The app is just US$0.99 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/motionx-gps/id299949744?mt=8

Track my ride
This hardware device mounts on your ride and acts just like find my iPhone for your bike. It can send you email or sms alerts as the bike leaves a location, or log into the web portal to see its position on the map. Track my ride does cost $250 as well as a monthly fee which differs based on the accuracy of positional data you’re after.

Bike mount for mobile phones (Biologic)
The RidgeSeal case by Biologic protects your phone from weather, sweat, and grime. Great as you go about your vigorous rides while still allowing access to your phone. Keep in mind you’ll want to watch where you’re going rather than operating your phone on the go – http://www.thinkbiologic.com/products/bike-mount-iphone-4

Go Pro camera mount
For those that are either cycling past scenic views or frustrated by bad drivers, you may wish to capture the action on camera. Sporting camera brand Go-Pro offers a number of cameras as well as a handlebar mount option.

For more information on Ride to work head to http://ride2work.com.au

Image source: Flickr creative commons

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