Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Laptop?


Today I had the chance to get hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab Laptop all seven inches of its screen and keyboard. Closed up it is about the size of a paperback book only with the feel of a hardback cover and about the same weight.

To be honest this is actually is a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a bluetooth keyboard case and it is the keyboard case that I tested with the Tab.

Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case
The Galaxy Tab notebook?!

How it works:

The case automatically makes the Tab a seven inch notebook albeit not the most attractive. But looks aside it really makes the Tab a very portable notebook for work on the road or on a plane tray table.

The keyboard comes with a microUSB charger which once charged gives approximately four to five hours of use. The set up is very simple and takes only a minute or two.

The bluetooth set-up is just like any other, where you make the Tab’s bluetooth discoverable then hit the ‘LINK’ button on the keyboard. The Tab should then flash up a PIN code to type into the case keyboard and once input both items will be paired.

The keyboard comes with predefined “Android” keys which have a home, menu, back, as well as a sleep and phone button. The other keys that are different are in place of the Function keys and these are smiley faces for social networking or text messaging.

The rubber keyboard
The rubber keyboard

The keyboard keys are made of rubber. Which are responsive enough for an average typist like myself and there is very little drag. The rubber makes it light but also protects the screen of the Tab when the case is closed.

The case comes with a magentic kick stand so keep the screen upright at a similar angle as you would view a laptop screen.

Keyboard case
Keyboard case

Initial impressions

This accessory is great for the traveller who is on the road and wants to use a keyboard rather than the screen input. Using the Tab’s Thinkfree Office software is made much easier for inputting data and it is sheer joy touching the screen to launch a program and then using the keyboard to type, although that does take a bit of getting used to.

Whilst it will never replace a proper keyboard or notebook it does bridge the gap of not having to carry a notebook, Tablet and mobile phone for a short trip although a wall charger for the keyboard maybe required in order to charge it in the absence of a computer USB port.

Camera hole and magentic kickstand
Camera hole and magentic kickstand

The case is mock leather and has that weird smell when first taken out of the packaging, but feels solid and the Tab slips into it easily and securely. There is a camera hole cut into the back of it next to the magentic kickstand.

For the price this makes the Galaxy Tab even more flexible then it already is and if you need a notebook, Tablet and smartphone rolled into one paperback size package this accessory is for you.



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