SquareSpace v6 delayed

SquareSpace v6 delayed

‘The secret behind exceptional websites’ Squarespace has had a new version in the works for a long time now. Back in May SquareSpace teased us with the upcoming changes to the platform. A number popular internet celebrities Like Kevin Rose and Leo Laporte have made mention that they have seen v6, however we are now headed for October with no sign of it.

Back in May we reported the beta was rolling out to early testers in ‘weeks’ after SquareSpace’s own blog delivered screen shots of the refresh. In June SquareSpace posted that v6 had been in development for more than 6 months internally.

Our team has been hammering on it internally for 6 months ensuring that it has the inherent flexibility that developers want and need.

So the question remains.. where the hell is SquareSpace v6 ? Most blogging and CMS platforms received updates and improvements over time, however SquareSpace has remained the same. The theory is that by being hosted in the cloud, that updates become easier to distribute to users, however the reality of the SquareSpace update is that it has been delayed by many months.

To be honest, I’ve struggled with SquareSpace, it’s certainly easy to use and and fast to get a website online, but is limited in its functionality. Version 6 of SquareSpace was supposed to go a long way to address user feedback, but for that to occur, it needs to ship.

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