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Microsoft’s updated Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets are now officially on sale. Shipping with the recently released 8.1 update, the second generation of Surface has some important tweaks. One of the biggest changes is the 2 position kickstand that featured as one of my biggest complaints about the first version, so great to see it was addressed.

Internally the Surface Pro 2 is now powered by the 4th generation Intel processor, also known as Haswell. This provides more performance and better battery life. From the reviews, we’ve seen some wild variances in the exact time, but on average you’d get through most of a work day with it if you manage your brightness etc.

The RT label has now gone, replaced by the simpler Surface 2 branding, let’s just hope the retail staff can adequately explain that this still can’t run desktop apps.

Local pricing (incl. GST) for the Surface 2 is:
• Surface 2 32GB – AU$529 RRP
• Surface 2 64GB – AU$639 RRP

Local pricing (incl. GST) for the Surface Pro 2 is:
• Surface Pro 2 64GB + Surface pen – AU$1019 RRP
• Surface Pro 2 128GB + Surface pen – AU$1129 RRP
• Surface Pro 2 256GB + Surface pen – AU$1469 RRP
• Surface Pro 2 512GB + Surface pen – AU$2039 RRP


Customers purchasing either device will also receive free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for one year, unlimited Skype WiFi on their Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 at more than 2 million hot spots worldwide for one year, and 200 GB of free SkyDrive storage for two years.

More information @ The Big Picture

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