Tesla Cybertruck to get new Baja air suspension

Those hanging out for some new Cybertruck news will be happy this morning with Elon Musk sharing an insight into what they’re working on.

Cybertruck will come with new dynamic air suspension to enable better off-roading. Remember this vehicle is designed to be basically more capable than anything else, so taking it off-road, which many will do, is a big box that needs to be ticked.

Slow speed crawling over rocks and rough terrain is one thing, but enjoying driving at speed and managing bumps that turn into jumps is an entirely different challenge.

In my mind, I went straight to the Ford Ranger Raptor, an incredibly capable off-roader and that Cybertruck better be able to do this..

Naturally news like this created hundreds of new questions, one of the most important being the exact clearance available, to which Musk explained is a number they should know for sure next week.

It’s exciting to see some new developments and new information relating to Cybertruck as the wait continues for production to start and customer deliveries in Australia, still a long way away.

When the world goes back to racing, I can’t wait for someone to enter it in the actual Baja 1000.

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