Tesla Roadster with SpaceX package will do 0-60mph in a stunning 1.1 seconds

    The unreleased Tesla Roadster is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum right now and a new information panel has been positioned in front of the car.

    @BLKMDL3 on Twitter snapped a photo of this info which confirmed the SpaceX package for Roadster will propel the car to 0-60mph in an insane 1.1 seconds. The website officially lists the time as <1.9 seconds for the non-spaceX package. There’s currently no price tag for the upgrade, but if you have a few hundred thousand spare for the Roadster, you’re probably going to stretch the extra dollars for this never before seen performance.

    To put that acceleration in perspective, the fastest production car to date has been the Porsche 918 Spyder at 2.1s. At those speeds every tenth of a second is increasingly difficult to reduce, so to go a full second faster is absolutely a step change in what we’ve experienced from road cars.

    This translates to a force of 2.49G on your body if you plant the right foot, lucky Tesla has great traction control.

    If you’re anywhere close, The Tesla Roadster will be at the Petersen Automotive Museum for 2 weeks and has been there for a couple of days already, so be fast.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


    1. If you ever have to place a bet on a drag race between an electric motor vehicle or a gas engine vehicle – always bet on the EV. While a gas engine has to build to high revolutions to get high torque (which is what provides the acceleration) an electric motor puts out max torque AT STALL. Game over…

      • Well that’s what a clutch is for. With the ICE car you effectively also have the torque from 0, because the engine is not at 0rpm at the start… the real advantage of the EV is that the torque at the wheels can be more easily controlled, leading to a better traction control.

        • Not really. It can easily take half a second for the pressure plate to catch up with the clutch. They slip like hell when the clutch is first popped. Severe breakage if they didn’t.

    2. Jason, if this is really possible it will use cold gas thrusters. This will be incredibly loud, and dangerous to anyone standing near the car. Also probably a one time and done feature. So, cool but kind of a parlor trick.

    3. What you’ve neglected to mention is that this is just a claim made by Tesla. I doubt they’ve achieved this even with a prototype. Good clickbait though

    4. The Tesla Model S Plaid+ (a beta) seems to have already achieved (unofficially) a 1.9sec 1-60 time, in Germany last week. The Roadster should thus achieve a significantly better time that that. The “Party Trick” with the SpaceX package has been touted to be lifting off the ground and hovering!! WTF! Possible with enough cold gas thrusters – the problems seems be controlling the liftoff. Musk mentioned restricting the height to 2m.
      NB: you have to distinguish between ‘quick’ and ‘fast’ – the Roadster will be the quickest to 60, or maybe 160. But it will not reach the top speed of a Veyron because it doesn’t have that extreme aerodynamics.

    5. It is hard to imagine the visceral feel of 2.5gs what is visualizable and even more mind-blowing is this means going from 0 to 60 mph in 48 FEET!

      That is less than the length of a lot of driveways or the width of a four lane intersection!

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