Twitter suffers from severe downtime

If you’ve tired to login, post, search or pretty much do anything for the past 48 hours, you’ve no doubt experienced downtime. Twitter has been suffering major issues, leading to serious frustration of their users. Fortunately today we have alternate social networks like Facebook in which we can vent our frustrations, but its just not the same.

Twitter is unique in the public functionality that it offers and when you don’t have access to the collective knowledge of your followers, you do feel somewhat naked. It’s surprising in just a couple of years how dependant we’ve become on twitter, a service that often feels optional, when you don’t have it, it feels, very, very necessary.

Twitter Fail Whale

In the early days of twitter users became used to constant outages as growth pains plagued twitter infrastructure. As time went by, the service became solid and dependable, so with that as the benchmark, day-to-day twitter was reliable. Naturally growth spikes like the World Cup caused issues, but why in the last 24-48 hours ? There’s no massive event happening around the world that would explain severe outages, rate limit restrictions and sections of their API like Oauth being completely offline. Fortunately late this afternoon twitter was back online and users were tweeting once again.

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