Twitter verifies Australia

    Twtter Verified

    Today Twitter went on a verification spree with dozens of top journalists across Australia receiving the big tick. A verified account allows other users know that an account is an official one, not a clone. The number of verified accounts on twitter now number more than 45,000, still a tiny percentage of the overall user base of Twitter.

    techAU was fortunate enough to earn the tick after posting more than 37,000 posts in the 5 years, 1 week, 1 day, and 21 hours since signing up. It’s been an amazing journey and since being verified, followers have spiked, ready to streak past 5,000 followers.

    Before you ask, there’s nothing special that you can do to get a Verified Account, either you know someone at twitter, or post great content often. When you get the email and direct message from @verified, the process to verify is really straight forward. After a quick tutorial reminding how you tweet effectively, enter your phone number and your all set.

    If you don’t follow @techAU already, I highly recommend it, while I post to the site often, there’s probably 10x tweets that go out daily.


    This post is authored by techAU staffers. Used rarely and sparingly when the source decided to keep their identity secret, or a guest author who isn't seeking credit.

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