10,000 Twitter followers.. seriously.. thankyou.


After joining Twitter in 2008, techAU has just passed a major milestone, 10,000 followers. I want to take some time to thank each and every one of you that have found value in the content we publish, followed, retweeted and favourited. Thankyou most to those who’ve helped spread the message that there’s an independent technology publisher out of regional Victoria, competing and punching above our weight.

Twitter is now absolutely integral to life has afforded some amazing opportunities, those being only possible because we have a strong following on social media, particularly Twitter. Twitter is incredibly to tap the collective minds of people. Having a decent following means that when I ask a question, a stream of replies shortly follows, allowing me to be better informed and better decisions. For that I’ll be eternally grateful to those who take the time to contribute to the conversation.


For those wondering who the lucky 10,000th follower was, it was @AnnunaWiki a community for gamers.

If you have some time to spare, I’d love to see some comments (or replies on Twitter) as to why you chose to follow techAU, was it that the account was Verified? Was it due to the number of followers? or was it that I met you at a conference or event, somewhere around the world?

Whatever the reason, thankyou and I look forward to continuing to post technology-related posts long into the future.


This post is authored by techAU staffers. Used rarely and sparingly when the source decided to keep their identity secret, or a guest author who isn't seeking credit.

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