Ubisoft outlines Watch_Dogs’ collector’s editions ahead of November launch


    Ahead of its highly anticipated and recently revealed launch in November, Ubisoft has today announced and shown off the various collector’s editions for their much hyped hacker-exploration title, Watch_Dogs.

    With four, that’s right, four, unique collector’s editions, Ubisoft has a wide range of varying content, each offering a selection of both physical and digital rewards for budding players, and a “deeper immersion in the Watch_Dogs universe.”

    The Dedsec Edition comes with a 23 cm figure of series star Aiden Pearce, a Steelbook case, a unique collector box, an artbook, original soundtrack, a map of the game’s setting in Chicago, four limited edition collectible cards, and a set of exclusive badges. In addition to the aforementioned physical bonuses, purchasers will also get access to the Palace Pack bonus level, the Signature Shot biometrics weapon, and the Breakthrough Pack bonus level.


    The Vigilante Edition comes with a smaller collector box, an exact wearable replica of Pearce’s iconic cap and mask, plus a copy of the game’s original soundtrack. To compliment the physical goodies, buyers will also get access to the Deadsec Edition’s Palace Pack level.


    The Uplay Exclusive Edition is exclusively available through the Ubisoft Uplay website, and gives buyers a limited edition exclusive Steelbook, the Palace Pack single player content, the Signature Shot, and the Breakthrough Pack level.


    Last, but definitely not least, the ANZ Special Edition is available to us lucky Australian and New Zealand folk. Buyers will receive a copy of the Breakthrough Pack content, a new Untouchables Pack featuring a 1920’s inspired tommy gun and Chicago mobster outfit, plus access to an experience boosting multiplayer pack. All buyers of the three aforementioned packs will also receive all of the content from the ANZ Special Edition edition, too.


    All Watch_Dogs editions can be bought locally or online, ahead of the game’s release on 19 November in North America, and 22 November in Australia, New Zealand and the UK on PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and the next-gen Xbox.

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