Vodafone facing class action


Law firm Piper Alderman has just announced their plan to issue a class action against Vodafone after years of customer complaints. The law firm has over 23,000 customers who have completed a survey and indicated their intention to join the class action, although only one single person has actually filed as part of the class action.

Sasha Ivantsoff, a partner with the law firm, said it planned to launch the action in the next three months after finally securing funding from the Litigation Fund LCM to sue the telco. On the Litigation Fund LCM website they state that they ‘prefer’ to undertake projects in which the claim is at least $2.5 million, so we can safely assume that that will be the minimum of the damages to be claimed against the telco.

Vodafone issued a statement to say that Piper Alderman had not contacted them about the action but it was very well aware that Piper Alderman was set to announce a lawsuit.

The fact that Vodafone has acknowledged the problem and is investing billions of dollars into fixing this problem I think is almost enough. The company happily releases people from their contracts if you can prove that you do not get adequate enough service which I have done in the past with quite ease. The only people who will really benefit out of this are the lawyers – if you aren’t happy, take it to the telecommunications ombudsmen who will sort it out for free and you won’t cause the demise of a company who is keeping competition in the mobile market.

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