Windows 8 store, selling apps just got real easy

Windows 8 Store

The Windows 8 Store was just demo’d during the Build Keynote with some very interesting details. If your a developer, pay attention, you’ll like this. The Windows 8 Store is similar on the back-end to the Windows Phone application developer portal. Sign in with your account, submit your app, set a price and wait for it to be approved.

Applications will need to go through Microsoft Certification before reaching the Store to ensure quality and security for end users. Naturally the pay off here is Microsoft will host your application and the bandwidth associated, along with taking care of payment methods. The offset, which wasn’t discussed is what percentage cut Microsoft takes for selling apps through the Windows 8 Store.

Windows 8 StoreWindows 8 Store

Windows 8 store categories will include Featured, Games, Entertainment etc. In an impressive dog-food effort, the store itself is built using html + JavaScript, showcasing just how powerful web-based applications can be.

Standard Windows apps are also allowed to be sold through the store, avoiding the need for developers to rebuild apps, just to get in the app store. That’s great news for developers and the Store itself, expect the number of apps to grow, very quickly.

Windows 8 StoreWindows 8 StoreWindows 8 Store

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