Xbox had some big announcements at GamesCon 2015


At midnight last night, Xbox took the stage to make a series of announcements. Naturally there were game announcements, but it’s the announcements outside of upcoming titles that are the most interesting. Unfortunately you’re going to have to wait till 2016 for the best of them.

Windows 10

After launching on the PC at the end of last month, Windows 10 is now heading to the Xbox (before phones). This will reach Windows Insiders first next month, then be rolled out to all Xbox users (you’re unlikely to have a choice) in October. It will deliver Cortana voice integration, to replace the current voice commands, but will require Kinect.


DVR capability

Controller keyboard is back

Backwards compatibility

Still not satisfied? Well if you missed the live stream because you were watching the back of your eyelids, you can watch the full replay below.

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